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Culture in Action

Culture is the result of organizing the goals of a business around solid, positive, core values and then proceeding to cultivate them on a daily basis.


52 Points of Culture

52 different actions that we believe represent who we are and what we do


  • Being the best co-op associate possible; always respecting other associates.​

  • Doing the right thing without wanting to be recognized or acknowledge for it.

  • Compliments other regularly.

  • Being a part of the solution and not the problem in the Market Center. 

  • Taking the high road on confrontational issues or points of difference. 

  • Living up to the covenant if you are on the ALC. 

  • Representing the Market Center and the company in a positive way - always smiling at others in the Market Center regularly. 

  • Speaking without profanity. 

  • Avoiding disparaging remarks about anyone, especially associates who leave KW to join a competitor company - after all, many times they COME BACK. 

  • Considering the other person's viewpoint before responding. 

  • Being considerate of the Market Center staff. 

The Standards for How We Behave

  • Honoring the policies and protocol of the Region regarding recruiting. 

  • In building a Market Center, never recruiting associates from another KW Market Center. 

  • In building a team, never recruiting associates from within your own Market Center without first discussing it with and receiving your Team Leaders prior approval. 

  • In building a team, never recruiting associates from any other KW Market Center without first discussing it with and receiving prior approval from BOTH Team Leaders and engaging in communication between BOTH rainmakers. 

  • In building an expansion network, never recruiting associates from any KW Market Center without discussing it with and receiving prior approval from BOTH Team Leaders (associate's primary location and expansion location). 


  • Making decisions that are right for the Market Center regardless of individual impact - there is no "I" in TEAM. 

  • Following the model. 

  • Not only learning but living the WI4C2TES.

  • Putting God and your family first, and then business second. 

  • Understand that the higher purpose of business is to give, share, and care. 

  • Taking a stand on an issue that may not be popular, but is RIGHT. 

  • Helping someone in the Market Center willingly and with a smile, even though you are busy. 

  • Committing to sharing knowledge in the Market Center through mentorship or teaching. 

  • Participating in RED Day annually and participating in community service locally, throughout the year. 

  • Committing to donating to KW Cares. 

  • Paying a struggling associate's fees anonymously. 

  • Handling a fellow associate's business when personal or family illness occurs. 

  • Paying a struggling associate's tuition to a class that may impact the associate's productivity. 

  • Staying home if you're having a bad day attitudinally.  

  • When lead generating expired listings NEVER be critical of any previous agent. 

  • Your social media posts should avoid confrontational topics that are inappropriate for business. 

  • Responding to clients' calls and concerns in a timely manner. 

  • Committing a random act of kindness every day. 

  • Being willing to walk away from a transaction that compromises your principles.

What We Do

  • Paying your Market Center bills on time. 

  • Not looking for loopholes in Capy and Royalty payments. 

  • Building your level one Profit Share Tree to 15 as soon as possible. 

  • Being excited to build your downline by asking others, "Will you promise me that you will take my Team Leader's call?'

  • Implementing the Keller Williams productivity systems such as the Growth Initiative and Cap Management. 

  • Embracing new technology and Labs built by associates, for associates. 

  • Creating the budget you know you need for your business. 

  • Consistently lead generating for 3 hours per day. 

  • Using a monthly Profit and Loss Statement to analyze your real estate business. 

  • Hitting your monthly and annual production goals. 

  • Profitability in your personal real estate business. 

  • Listening - before you act. 

  • Earning - before you spend. 

  • Waiting - before you criticize. 

  • Trying - before you quit. 

  • Giving seven hugs a day. 

  • BE NICE! Kindness matters. 


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