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The area that would later be known as Spring, Texas was originally home to the Orcoquiza Native Americans. As time passed and Texas became its own territory, settlers began to claim the land as their own. During the year 1838, William Pierpont built a trading post on Spring Creek. Two years later, 153 residents called Spring home. Around 1845, German immigrants began farming the land. After the Civil War, many southern United States citizens relocated to Spring, TX. The main exports of the time were sugarcane and cotton crops. By 1871, the International and Great Northern Railroad laid its tracks through Spring, and its opening led to Spring expanding greatly. However, in 1923, the roadhouse moved to Houston, and Spring declined. One notable claim to fame is that Bonnie and Clyde once robbed Spring’s bank in the 1930s. Spring saw another population boom during the 1970s after opening more suburban residences and restoring the Old Town Spring area.

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As a part of Harris County, Spring, TX is located in the southeast area of Texas and stretches across 23.6 square miles. The city lies north of Houston, TX. Neighboring cities include Westfield to the south and Humble to the southeast. Rayford and The Woodlands lie to the north, and Avonak is found to the west. The Spring Creek Greenway makes up the northeastern border of Spring, which wraps around to the Cypresswood Golf Club greenway and the Mercer Botanic Gardens to the southeast and south, respectively. Interstate 45 makes up the western border.


The mean travel time residents of Spring, TX experience on daily commutes to work is 31.7 minutes. The heart of Houston, TX is a 30 minute commute south of Spring by way of Interstate 45, and George Bush Intercontinental Airport is within easy driving distance. Hardy Toll Road runs north and south through Spring’s western area. With Interstate 45 making up the western border, commutes heading north or south are often easy drives. Grand Parkway 99 cuts through the northern segment of Spring, which gives ready access to the west and eastern areas of the city.


The population of Spring, TX sits around 54,298. The estimated median household income is $67,768, which means this city has a higher income than the median household income of Texas by over $12,000. The ethnic background of Spring, TX residents are a mix of 38.7% white residents, 31.2% Hispanic residents, 23.6% Black residents, and 3.2% Asian residents, with the remaining 2.9% being residents of biracial or other ethnic backgrounds. Around 7,500 of Spring, TX residents are immigrants, and 90.8% of the city’s population hold a high school degree or higher. 30.6% hold a bachelor’s degree or above, and the unemployment sits around 3.7%.

Local Government

As an unincorporated city, Spring, TX falls under the jurisdiction of Houston, TX’s City Council. 11 City Council members are elected from Houston districts, while 5 are elected city-wide. City Council members oversee the annual budget, lease city real estate, and serve 2 terms of 4 years each for a maximum of 10 years.

900 Bagby St, Houston, TX 77002<

The mayor of Houston acts alongside the 16 City Council members to set annual budgets and confirm the mayor’s schedule. Additionally, the mayor serves for 4 year terms, and citywide elections are held after each term. The major oversees all laws and ordinances of Houston and presides over the City Council with voting privileges.

901 Bagby St, Houston, TX 77002<

As an unincorporated city, Spring, TX is serviced by the Spring Klein Chamber of Commerce. This organization supports the Spring area’s economic development and seeks to boost overall quality of life through encouraging local business growth, welcoming new commerce, and meeting the needs of both Spring and Klein businesses.

24624 I-45 North | Suite 200 Spring, TX |, Spring, TX 77386<

The schools in Spring, TX strive for excellence and are one of the many reasons why this city is a lovely location to raise a family. High school graduation rates are 2% higher than the United States of America average, and school test scores are 63% higher than the national average. The student-teacher ratios, though they vary from campus to campus, average at 16:1, which is 3% lower than the US average. Of the public school campuses in Spring Independent School District, grades PK-12 are serviced throughout 26 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, and 6 high schools. There are many private school campuses in Spring, TX as well. Of the top schools in this district, Pat Reynolds Elementary, Beneke Elementary, Northgate Elementary, Twin Creeks Middle, and Spring Early College Academy are only a few of the quality educational campuses within the Spring, TX area.

School Districts
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    Spring Independent School District

The whole of Spring, Texas is serviced by the Spring Independent School District. Spring ISD officially came together in 1935 through combining Harrel Common School District and the Spring Common School District. Overtime, the district’s demographics have radically changed. Before the turn of the 21st century, the district serviced 28% of low income students, with demographics being 56% white, 20% black, and 18% hispanic. By 2005, the low income percentage reached 55% of low income students, and the demographics shifted to 39% black, 33% hispanic, and 23% white. By 2013, 73% of students were low-income. In February 2017, Spring ISD redrew attendance boundaries for its middle and high school campuses. Spring ISD values academic performance and invests in students’ standardized test performance, but also emphasizes instilling in students the necessary knowledge to lead full lives outside of educational campuses.


The public and private elementary school campuses of Spring, TX have high expectations for their students. With curriculum and learning strategies that seek to develop young minds, these campuses build positive, supportive learning environments that encourage excellence. Popularly rated campuses include McNabb Elementary, Pat Reynolds Elementary, Beneke Elementary, and Northgate Elementary to name only a few.

Middle and intermediate school campuses reach for ambitious goals and student achievements. Typically, these learning environments focus on providing fitting challenges for students with the objective to engage students in continuous learning. Spring Leadership Academy, Dueitt Middle, Twin Creeks Middle, and 
Rickey C Bailey Middle are four reputable campuses.

High school campuses that service grades 9-12 in Spring, TX consist of coursework and environments that push students to excel. These campuses focus on preparing students for life outside of their classrooms. Typically, dual credit courses are available, which prepares students for college endeavors. Public high school campuses include Spring Early College Academy, Wunsche Career Academy, and Spring High.

Private school campuses in Spring, TX typically have lower student-teacher ratios and focus on religious studies. That said, non-religious private campuses can also be found. Of the Christian-based private schools, Trinity Lutheran School, St. Edward Catholic, Northwoods Catholic, and Spring Baptist Academy are notable campuses. Spell Well Montessori school is secular. All campuses strive for student improvement and individual excellence.


As of housing data gathered between December 2016-December 2018, the majority of residential properties in Spring, TX are single family homes at 90.3%. Townhomes are 2.4%, and apartment complexes make up 6%. Residential properties have a high percentage of homes being built between 1970-1999 at 62.4%. Meanwhile, data collected in March 2019 show that 33.5% of homes were built after 2000, and new home projects are popular housing options. The majority of single family homes at 55.1% have 3 beds, while 4-5 bedroom properties make up 33.3% of residential properties. Apartments and townhomes with 1-2 bedrooms are 10.9% of residential properties. As of data collected between December 2016-December 2018, the median home value of a Spring, TX property averages around $144,433. For rented properties, the median rent for 1 bedroom layouts traditionally averages around $700-$1,000, while 2 and 3 bedroom layouts fluctuate between $1,250-$1,400.

Single-Family Homes
Single family homes in Spring, TX are readily available throughout the city’s neighborhoods. Smaller residences of 2 beds and 2 baths trend around $106K and consist of near 1,000 square feet. Meanwhile, 3-4 beds and 3 bath between 2,500-3,500 square feet can be found between $220K-$305K. Homes include driveways and garage spaces.
New Construction
Master-planned neighborhoods within Spring, TX can be found in Harmony, where 2,600 homes are planned by award-winning home builders. Homesites range between 55-75 feet. Springwood Village also contains energy-efficient new homes. These constructions are modernly-designed with spacious, open floor plans. Generally, these properties reach an upwards of $300k-$400K.
Spring, TX has many apartment complexes that range in layouts, rent, and amenities. Typical apartment communities feature access to pools and fitness centers, consist of stylish layouts, and include 1-3 beds per apartment. Rent varies around the $1,000-$2,000 area. Often, apartments are pet-friendly and include parking garage spaces.
Rentable condominiums are in large supply throughout Spring’s neighborhoods. These residential options typically consist of 3 beds, 3 baths, and two-story layouts. 2 car garages are often features of these condominiums, in addition to driveway space. Commonly, Spring condominiums go for monthly rents around $1,500.
Buy Rent Sell

From data collected in February 2017-December 2018, the Spring, TX area has distinguished itself as a seller’s market due to there being more buyers than properties for active sale. Because of this, the Spring, TX real estate market trends towards being advantageous towards sellers instead of buyers. In 2014, 5,600 properties were sold, whereas only 5,500 sold in 2015. Even so, 2016 saw a rebound of 5,700 properties selling. The median list price of properties has remained especially steady between December 2015 and December 2018, where the median list price stayed around $280K-$300K. In the same 3-year span, properties average between 65 and peaks of 81 days on the market. Data collected from January 2011-January 2017 shows that existing homes sell at a faster rate than new homes, which resonates well with Spring TX’s high number of older properties and supplementary new real estate ventures.


Spring, Texas has a number of events and locations that cater to every want or whim. Parks and recreation options include local favorites like the B.F. Clark Community Building, the Cypress Wood Golf Club, and the Mercer Botanic Gardens. The ever-popular Six Flags Over Texas amusement park is also located at Spring’s west side, where roller coasters, rides, and more are sure to entertain children and adults alike. SplashTown Houston, a popular waterpark, offers a fun way to cool down during Texas’s hot months. Old Town Spring is a classic and retro shopping and retail location. A number of museums guarantee to entertain while educating about Spring’s proud history. The nightlife of this city consists of popular locations with character like the Jailhouse Saloon LLC and the E2 Ultra Lounge. Popular restaurants range between Mexican, American, seafood, and more, while all establishments strive for quality customer service. However you choose to spend your time, Spring, TX has something for you.

Parks & Recreation
Spring, TX is home to a number of parks and recreational facilities. The B.F. Clark Community Building includes a picnic pavilion, a basketball court, and two playgrounds. The Cypresswood Golf Club has beautiful greens, and Mercer Botanic Gardens are enchantingly beautiful. Six Flags Over Texas is a famous amusement park, and SplashTown Houston is a popular waterpark.
Old Town Spring is home to over 150 shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Many buildings are over a hundred years old and now are converted properties that sell antiques, clothing, collectibles, and gift items. Valley Ranch Town Center, 266 Marketplace, and the Market Street are nearby options that feature both recognizable and local stores.
Art & Culture
Old Town Spring is home to several art galleries and has a rich history stretching back centuries. Additionally, museums in Spring include the Civil War Museum, Spring Historical Museum, and the National Museum of Funeral History. Spring’s neighborhoods include a range of performing and visual arts locations and theaters as well.
Night Life
Spring has a varied nightlife scene that consists of bars, lounges, music spots, and clubs. The Jailhouse Saloon LLC is a locally owned bar within a renovated jail. E2 Ultra Lounge is a hit new lounge. Of course, Six Flags Over Texas is also open at night and features a packed calendar of adult-friendly events.
The eatery scene of Spring, TX caters to all tastes. Locally owned businesses include seafood offerings, authentic Mexican, classic American, wine rooms, and more. Spring’s restaurants feature welcoming staff, inviting atmosphere, and of course, high-quality dining experiences for all ages.
Learn About Spring Neighborhoods
Spring, Texas is made up of a number of small neighborhoods, notably Stone Forest, Spring Creek Forest, and Springwoods, to name only 3 of over 20 recognizable communities. Spring also includes master planned neighborhoods, including Harmony, WindRose, and Gleannloch Farms.

Gated communities include Legends Ranch and Lakes of Cypress Forest. Tree-lined parks, family-friendly playgrounds, and pools are common amenities to be found. Gated sections of Spring, TX include patio homes, lifestyle townhomes, and traditional family homes. Springwood Village is a mixed-use community found on Spring’s north side, which includes retail and restaurant locations, in addition to The Market. CityPlace is another mixed-use district with an urban feel, where residences are conveniently located near parks and trails. Spring, TX maintains its small-town feel amid city living thanks in part to its neighborhoods lying within walking distance of offices, public amenities, dining, and retail options. Additionally, tree lawns and tree preserves are intentionally integrated to insure Spring is a scenic, pedestrian-friendly city.

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