Are you gearing up to sell your home? As your Houston real estate team, allow us to offer you our professional assistance! One key to remember is that young buyers, in Generation Y and X, are purchasing a lot of homes right now. Therefore, as a home seller, it’s smart to keep in mind what features these buyers are looking for most from a home.

Not all Houston homebuyers are created equal. Some buyers from this group want a home that is in pristine, move-in condition, whereas others want a home they can fix up and customize. While these are two different kinds of buyers, Bankrate shared a list of home features that most young buyers have on their “must-have” list:

1. Updated kitchen and bathroom. These are features that all homebuyers tend to lean toward, no matter what age, and this rings true with today’s young buyers as well. Young buyers typically don’t have the budgets to update these rooms after buying, so they look for homes that already have them upgraded.

2. Big kitchen, open floor plan. Formal dining rooms are out, open floor plans are in. The kitchen is the hangout room, along with the family room, so to transition easily between the two is ideal. Open floor plans are popular with this crowd, because they want to entertain, and not have groups sectioned off.

3. Home office. More Americans work from home now, and that trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, so home offices are popular among young buyers. Even if they don’t work from home, with so much technology available, it’s nice to have a room to designate to it. As a home seller, you can stage a spare room as a bedroom, but point out that it could be used as an office.

4. Good location. A Houston home with a good location will get you far with buyers. Young buyers have high gas prices and traffic on the mind, so if your home is near public transportation and has a good walking score, you’ll get major points with this group of buyers.

5. Energy efficiency. Young buyers are interested in green homes because of lower energy costs and protecting the environment. Houston homes that have incorporated energy-efficient technology get extra points from this group of buyers.

For the full list of features that interest young buyers most, check out the Bankrate article in its entirety.

As a home seller, you have to determine how many of these features you have, which ones to market most, and what, if any, upgrades you should make. While these features are popular among young buyers, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should spend your money to add them to your home.

As your Houston real estate team, we can help! We can take a look at your house and see if it needs any upgrades. We will know which features will gain the most attention from buyers. We can help you with all of your home-selling needs. Contact us!