15+ Home Staging Tips from Houston Professionals to Sell a Small House or Condo

15+ Home Staging Tips from Houston Professionals to Sell a Small House or Condo


Selling your house or condo in Houston TX and want it to look its best? Then you will definitely benefit from this article compiled of more than fifteen expert tips on home staging. Our Houston team of real estate agents at our brokerage Keller Williams Memorial asked for advice from the local professional home stagers, and they kindly shared with us their expertise.

Whether you are selling your own home or you are a real estate professional, following the tips in this post will help you give your interior the best look and get a better offer.

Mitchell Bage

After years of decorating houses for his friends and family, Mitchell Bage founded Maison de Campagne—an all-inclusive interior design and home staging company. Inspired by the fascinating aesthetic of French countryside, Mitchell creates casual yet sophisticated interiors, merging a more traditional style with a modern look.

Maison de Campagne - Living Room Staging

Maison de Campagne - Living Room Staging 2

A large, spacious home is what many people desire, but most homes are not like this. If your home seems small to you or if you want to make it seem bigger to potential buyers, then there are some things that can be done to make it appear larger.

Simplifying or decluttering is the main thing that needs to be done in these cases. Getting rid of unnecessary furniture, and other home decor items creates the look of a spacious room that is attractive to buyers. Also, making sure that appropriately sized furniture is used and spacing it correctly in the room will give the illusion of a bigger room. Having a too big sofa pushed up against a wall in a small living room will call attention to how small the room really is.

Other techniques that can be used are changing wall colors and creating proper lighting. Cooler colors tend to recede, so painting an interior room a pale blue, green or gray will make it feel larger. A well lit room will also feel larger. There are many other ways to help a smaller home feel larger which is why partnering with a professional home stager will be key in the success of any real estate sales.

Melissa Del Toro

Milan Home Staging is a family owned and operated business started by Melissa Del Toro and her boyfriend. Coming from a construction and residential flipping background, they know exactly how to transform homes for sale or simply for comfortable living.

Staged Dining Room

Staged Bedroom

When we stage a small occupied home, the main focus is to depersonalize the seller’s home so that ALL potential buyers can envision living there.

The second step is to de-clutter it and leave only the main pieces of furniture, one sofa or loveseat, two accent chairs and a coffee table just to mention an example. Items like side tables, baskets, etc. must be removed.

The reason why we want a small amount of furniture pieces is because this gives the visual illusion of a bigger space and a better contrast. By the same token, when it is a small vacant house, the furniture pieces and staging that you might want to rent are in small scale as well, so that you can apply the same principle of balance: small rooms = small furniture, so that we can make the room look spacious.

Mary Scalli

Simple Elegance was founded by Mary Scalli who put her passion for window treatments, home staging, and interior design into her business. Mary and her team of accredited professionals have staged over 850 houses to this day and now she shares her expertise with our readers.

Staged Living Room by Simple Elegance

Staged Bedroom by Simple Elegance

When selling a smaller house, it is especially important to have it look and feel as light and bright as possible. Following these staging tips will help you to achieve an airy and open effect to prepare a small house for the market.

  • Use “cool white” (3100-4500 Kelvins) or “daylight” (4600-6500 Kelvins) light bulbs throughout.
  • Remove heavy window coverings. They block the natural light and fill up too much space.
  • Open all window blinds.
  • Power wash windows.
  • Do not block windows with furniture.
  • Remove oversized furniture (while on the market, compromises must be made with larger pieces).
  • Do not angle large pieces of furniture in corners, especially TV hutches or entertainment centers.
  • Do not place couches & chairs flush up against walls, always leave some breathing room from the wall.
  • Brightly colored rugs should be removed and replaced with quiet neutral tones.
  • Bolder paint colors should be neutralized to lighter color options.
  • Paint ceilings a lighter color.
  • Replace and update heavy ornate chandeliers and other fixtures that make the space feel smaller and dated.
  • Remove live potted plants. They take up valuable living space and can look depressing if not well cared for.


Rhonda Conchola

When staging her own house led to a quick sale, Rhonda Conchola decided to enter the home staging industry as a professional and later founded Home Staging for Houston which is now a successful and award-winning company. Together with her professional team, Rhonda offers various types of staging packages: from light staging that accentuates the key areas of a house to luxury options with higher-end furniture and accessories.

Home Staging for Houston - Staged Bedroom

Home Staging for Houston - Staged Living Room

We often get calls from realtors, homeowners and others with their home or listing on the market expressing their frustration with potential buyers claiming the space is too small. Key areas such as the master bedroom looking too small can potentially be a deal breaker since the master bedroom is nearly always going to be your buyer’s bedroom. This area must accommodate their furnishings and meet their needs or there’s a good chance they will walk away.

It’s very easy to forget what appears to be a small space and move on to the next home on their list of homes to tour when there is doubt about the size. My response will always be: an un-staged room will look smaller than it is and will show all the flaws.

Staging a small room shows the true potential of a space. If it’s a master bedroom, it shows whether a king bed will fit, or if a queen bed fits. If it’s a living space, it shows how much furniture will fit and the best layout of the furnishings to make it appear larger.

Staging a small living, dining, kitchen open floor plan is also needed since potential buyers will often wonder how that space will work. Staging smaller spaces to show the full potential of space will always make it feel larger. Get it staged!