In the hoopla of the holidays, did you forget to make NYE plans in Houston? There are lots of events going on all throughout the city, but some might be sold out by now. It’s worth looking into! But as your local real estate team, we think it’s also a great idea to gather all of your family or friends that don’t have plans, and throw a party at your home!

You can throw a simple, affordable party that still looks classy and is tons of fun. To help you prepare, here are some tips we scrounged up.


Keep it simple and inexpensive! Buy some colorful or metallic ribbon, cut and curl with the edge of a scissors, and then hang it from doorways, lamps, mantels, mirrors and the like. Cut out paper snowflakes, add some glue and glitter, and hang them from the ceiling. Separate your silver, gold and glittery ornaments from the rest and put them in a bowl as a centerpiece, or hang them around the room. Light candles, or if it’s a rowdy crowd, invest in some plastic light candles.


To keep costs down, ask your guests to help out with party necessities. Ask each guest to bring an appetizer to share, or their drink of choice to share, or both. If you plan on having a formal dinner, make it a potluck and have people share with the group what they are bringing so there are no duplicates. Don’t feel bad asking guests to bring their own food or beverages, it makes the party more interesting and diverse! Let your guests know what you’ll be supplying, such as a champagne punch for midnight. (By making a punch with the champagne, you can get away with buying fewer bottles.)

Party Favors

At NYE, it’s customary to have party favors, such as decorative NYE hats or headbands, and noisemakers. Ask your guests to bring these, or purchase some for the group to share. These can be found for an affordable price at any party store right now. Set up a designated place in your home for photo ops! Offer to take pictures, designate someone else to do so, or go old school and purchase some throwaway cameras for the guests to use at their leisure.


NYE is a long night, so it’s important to plan accordingly with activities for the guests. Is it a family-friendly party, a casual calm party, or a rowdy dance party? One idea is to have everyone write down one prediction for 2016, or one resolution, and then put them all in a bowl. Read them and try to guess who wrote what. You could also whip out some board games and have fun with those. Keep the TV on, even if mute, so you don’t miss the midnight countdown. If your guests like to dance, prepare a music station ahead of time with a device to play songs, and speakers so everyone can hear.

Have fun with this! It’s a great way to show off your home to all of your family and friends. Have a safe and happy New Year!