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During the early 19th century, Katy was known as “Cane Island” because it was named after a nearby creek that had an abundance of tall cane grass in the water. One of the first community settlements was in 1872. R. M. Cash, J.O. Thomas, and L.C. Luckel were responsible for planning the construction of the town 23 years later. The city’s name “Katy” originated from the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railway (MKT).

People referred to this railway company as “the K-T”, which later evolved into “the Katy.” By 1945, the city was officially incorporated and many families were traveling by train to settle there. As more and more people began to establish themselves in Katy, the city became a huge hub for rice farming. Crops such cotton, peanuts, and corn agriculture were successfully grown there. After the opening of Interstate 10, the area rapidly expanded as the population increased with more traditional families.

Top City Highlights
The people in Katy take advantage of the many recreational parks. The Katy City Park has sports fields for baseball, football, and more. The Harvest Plaza is beautifully landscaped with night lights, water fountains, and benches. Also, Katy has the Thomas Park. Many weddings and parties have been hosted there.
This city has museums and tourist center for those who want to learn more about Katy. The Railroad Park/Tourist Center show the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad came to be. The Johnny Nelson Katy Heritage Museum provides information about Katy's agricultural history. The Katy Veterans Memorial Museum pays homage to past veterans.
Despite the family-friendly events in the city, Katy still has great nightlife spots. Wildcatter Saloon is a rustic pub with pool tables, blues music, and crafted beer. Southland Bar & Grill is known for its fun and lively karaoke nights. Mo's Irish Pub Katy has the best happy hour specials.
The largest and most popular shopping center in Katy is Katy Mills. It has many name brand outlet stores and shops including Adidas, Abercrombie & Fitch, Banana Republic, Burlington Coat Factory, and Coach. Not only does Katy Mills have stores, but it also has a theater and a food court.
When you want to grab a bite to eat, Katy has a variety of dining options. Midway Barbecue has delicious comfort food and barbecue meat. Also, Willy Burger has some of the best burgers in town. For some seafood, steak, or Italian dishes, head over to the delicious Agave Rio.
While Katy has many types of residential options, the majority of the real estate is in homes for single families. These are the homes that most of the people desire to live in because they are in quiet neighborhoods and great places to raise families.
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The city has a few freeways and highways running throughout the area. Highway Boulevard goes straight through Katy from east to west and allows easier access to the neighborhoods and restaurants in the surrounding area. Interstate 10 (I-10) stretches along the southern parts of the United States from east to west.

It starts from Anthony within El Paso County all the way to Orange, Texas on the Louisiana border. Also, the I-10 running from Houston is known as the Katy Freeway and has as many as 26 lanes total. It is considered one of the widest freeways in the United States.


The city of Katy is located 29 miles to the west of downtown Houston. The area sits about 22 miles east of Sealy, which is city within Austin County. Also, Katy is slightly southeast of Austin and east of San Antonio. North of this city is other major cities such as Fort Worth and Dallas.

To the south of Katy is Bay City, a southeastern city in Matagorda County. The town is surrounded by Harris, Waller, and Fort Bend counties. Katy has over 11 square miles of land and less than half of a square mile made up of water.


Katy is a diverse and suburban city that is very family friendly. Residents of the area are dedicated to ensuring that their city stays clean and litter-free. Katy is known for its Keep Katy Beautiful initiative, which has been around for over 25 years. The people are focused on educating other about recycling, waste reduction, and tree planting.

As a family-oriented area, Katy has different celebrations and outdoor events for all to come together and have a great time. From festivals in the summertime to tree lighting ceremonies in the winter, Katy continues to celebrate its harvesting and farming origins.


The city of Katy has different schooling options for students in grades preschool through twelfth. Whether you want to enroll your students in traditional public school or desire to apply for private schools, this city has it all. While Katy only has one school district within the city limits, Katy Independent School District has over 60 primary and secondary schools. Also, the city has alternative schools within the school district that offer additional programs such as homeschooling support, behavioral and discipline, and subject specialty schools.

For families who wish to enroll their students in alternative schools not in Katy Independent School District, they can enroll them in private schools in the area. Many of these schools have school administrators and teachers who strive to foster open-mindedness and creativity among the students. The private schools in Katy have incredible college-preparatory curriculum with plenty of opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and enrichment programs.


The city of Katy has plenty of single-family homes, townhomes, and new construction in the area. Also, there are a few apartment complexes as well. As this area has predominantly single families living in the neighborhoods, there are many residential places with multiple rooms and plenty of space. The single-family homes ranges from three to seven bedrooms and from one to-three stories high. Most of the homes in Katy are either ranch style, traditional, or have a bungalow style.

The city also has quite a few traditional mansions and luxury homes on the market. Also, the area has townhomes for rent and to buy. The townhomes in Katy are more contemporary and luxurious with high ceilings and high-end appliances. Unfortunately, the city does not have any high rise condominiums because residential buildings like these are found in more urban areas. Plus, there are many new single-family homes being built.

Single-Family Homes
Whether you are looking for single-family homes with more bedrooms, Katy mainly has ranch, traditional and luxury style homes. Ones with the ranch style architecture tend to be one-story high with three to four bedrooms and with about two bathrooms. These can have a two-car garage, a patio, a backyard, wooden floors and carpets, and even a fireplace in the living room. They tend to be on the more affordable side of the price spectrum because they are more quaint. Luxury homes in Katy have a larger backyard, open living space, multiple dining areas, and a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances.
Even within this large family-oriented city, there are apartments available for those who want to live small yet sophisticated. Apartment complexes such as Regalia Bella Terra and The Crossing at Katy Ranch are luxurious and perfect for living in style. They have one to three bedrooms available. The amenities at these Texan-style apartments are endless. Tenants can have access to amazing perks such as attached garages, conference rooms, fitness centers, lounging areas, swimming pools, and even pet areas for your furry friends. Many of these apartment complexes are in close proximity to Katy Mills, Kroger, Costco, Typhoon Texas Waterpark, and more.
For families and individuals who want to live in smaller homes without compromising luxury, townhomes in Katy are a great option. These townhomes are quaint and classy with open floor plans. Some of these Katy townhomes are within gated communities. This is great for families who desire to customize their living space to match their needs. It is also perfect for entertaining guests and hosting gatherings. Many of them have high ceilings, marble and granite kitchen counters, and high-end cabinetry. Also, they are equipped with hardwood flooring, an additional family area, a country-style kitchen, and a backyard with a patio.
New Construction
Within Katy, the newly-constructed houses are becoming more and more prevalent. They are maintaining the traditional architecture to preserve the family-oriented essence of the town. The difference with these new homes is that they are bigger than the ones already built. Many of them are one and two-stories high with master suites and country-style kitchens. These newly homes are built for single families that are growing and will require more space. The backyards are bigger and the appliances are top-notch. Some of the new amenities include a two-car garage, custom cabinets, up-to-date alarm system, a master closet, and a spacious laundry room.

While Katy has many types of residential options, the majority of the real estate is in homes for single families. These are the homes that most of the people desire to live in because they are in quiet neighborhoods and great places to raise families. The upscale single-family homes are more expensive and can be priced as high as $1.7 million. Homes like these have either have traditional or even Mediterranean architecture.

They have extraordinary amenities and features such as elaborate staircases, gourmet kitchens, game rooms, theater rooms, and multiple-car garages. The homes that are priced lower on the market can be as low as $220,000. These homes tend to be one-story high but can still have large bedrooms, a two-car garage, contemporary-style interior, stainless steel kitchen appliances, and multiple bathrooms. The luxurious community features are even more enticing. Some have swimming pools, fitness centers, and cafes for residents to enjoy.


Katy is full of family fun and exciting entertainment. Whether you have been living in the city for years or you just recently moved to the area, Katy has something for everyone. It has museums, restaurants, shopping malls, festivals, parks, classes, arcades, and more. Leave it to Katy Mills to supply some of the best name brand outlet stores for a shopping spree. Or eat some of your favorite Tex-Mex dishes at Alicia’s Mexican Grill.

If you and your friends are into golfing, games, and food, go to Topgolf for some real fun. The city has some much history attached to it. Take some time to go to The Johnny Nelson Katy Heritage Museum or the Katy Veterans Memorial Museum to learn about the history of Katy. The city has plenty of recreational parks all over with playgrounds, places for picnics and gatherings, and paved trails for walking and biking.