KW Memorial Coaching
KW Memorial Coaching Tiers

FREE for all agents below the production limit. Perfect for brand new agents and agents getting back into the swing of things.

  • This coaching level is available to agents who have less than $750,000 in production.
  • Access to all group coaching sessions
  • Access to transaction support Technical support and training
  • Technical support and training

Once you graduate from White Belt coaching you have the opportunity to opt into black belt coaching. You will pay your coach 5% per transaction. See your coach to review a coaching agreement

  • This Coaching level is available to agents who have more than $750,000 in production.
  • Access to all group coaching sessions
  • Access to transaction support
  • Technical support and training
  • One-on-one coaching
Is this really free?

YES, we are offering this amazing opportunity to all agents under $750,000 yearly production (White Belts). Agents taking part are expected to show up to all coaching sessions and keep track of their attendance with Chuck.

Once yearly production has passed $750,000, White Belt coaching clients will have the opportunity to opt into Black Belt coaching.

Why the distinction between White and Black belts? Whats the difference?

White Belts are entry-level coaching clients, whereas Black Belts are agents who have found success in coaching and have been granted extra support in the form of one-on-one training.

See above for a bulleted list of differences between the two tiers of coaching.

I'm not sure, it sounds like there might be hidden fees.

NOT AT ALL, when you sign your coaching agreement you are entering an accountability contract that will set you on the path of learning, and keeping essential habits of a successful realtor. As a White Belt, you only pay if you are missing coaching sessions or continuously losing track of your attendance. Black Belts will always pay the 5% fee, but that's AFTER their entirely free start.

I'm below 750k yearly production, but I work another job and can't make it to every coaching session. Am I still eligible?

YES, however, as a Dual Career agent we are requiring you commit to AT LEAST two weekday evening coaching sessions OR two Saturday coaching sessions a month. If your attendance does not reflect this requirement, but you are participating in the program you will be charged the 5% fee on your commission until you are in the clear again.

Will my leases count towards my production?

YES, all leases will be factored into your yearly production.

I qualify for the Black Belt Tier, but I want to know if I have to pay the 5% fee on my referrals, and bonuses?

NO, you do not have to pay a coaching fee on any referrals or bonuses you receive.

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About Us

Keller Williams Realty was established in 1983 and has been serving Houston since 1989 when the Memorial Market Center first opened its doors.

Since that time, Keller Williams has expanded to become the largest real estate company in the world, with more than 112,000 agents in 800 market centers worldwide.

With decades of service to the local community, we are local experts. At the same time, we have the power of global name recognition and connections with top Realtors around the world. In our Cosmopolitan community, being internationally recognized gives us a distinct advantage in marketing your home.

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