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Over 2,500 acres of land was designated to become a town in 1892 and the plan was set into motion two years later. Shortly after, the Southern Homestead Company advertised this area to other farming areas. It was promoted that the town had fertile soil, which enticed many people from midwest to move to Pearland. Two hurricanes during the early 1900s damaged most of the city and ruined new developments.

Farmers had a harder time growing crops such as pears and oranges and had to find different plants to grow. Many people migrated back to their hometowns. With the help of rice agriculture in the surrounding areas of Pearland, the economy began to improve again and the city was able to rebuild. By the late 1940s through the 1950s, Pearland had a irrigation and sewer system, streetlights, garbage collection system, and other advancements. The city was officially incorporated in 1959.

Top City Highlights
Pearland is surrounded by a bunch of parks. Centennial Park has a disc golf course and a water-playing area for kids during the summer. Southdown Dog Park is just for owners to take their fury friends for a walk. Independence Park is great for taking the whole family to hike trails.
People in this area appreciate art and history whether they go to an exhibit or do some local sightseeing. Pearland Arts League displays contemporary and original art pieces from local artists. Pearland Alliance for Arts & Culture is an organization that strives to support and promote multicultural art in town.
For a night out, finding the perfect nightlife spot will be easy. Bogie's Pub & Grill is a vibrant saloon with beers and cocktails. 2 A Day Sports Bar is a sports bar with live bands. For more an upscale winery and relaxing night spot, take a trip to Friends Uncorked.
When it comes to shopping, Pearland has the perfect center. Established in 2008, Pearland Town Center has been a popular hangout for residents and visitors. It has name brand stores and shops such as Rue21, Francesca's, Barnes & Noble, Macy's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Kay Jewelers, Journey's, Dillard's, among many others.
The Pearland area has numerous dining options to choose from. King's Biergarten & Restaurant has German-style dishes and live music on the weekends. Thai Spice is known for its delicious Thai cuisine and seafood. If you want some American comfort food, Jax Burgers Fries & Shakes has some great cheeseburgers.
The Pearland area has many single-family homes on the market. It has townhomes and apartments as well as some new construction of homes. The city filled with predominately more single-family homes than any other residential place.
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Multiple freeways and highways intersect parts of the Pearland area. The Texas State Highway 288 (SH 288), or South Freeway, is a north-south highway that start in downtown Houston and runs all the way to Freeport, a city in Texas on the Gulf of Mexico. Another southeastern and southern north-south highway that goes through Pearland is Texas State Highway 35 (SH 35).

SH 35 begins in Houston and runs to Angleton, TX. It also continues on near parts of the Gulf of Mexico. These major highways make it possible for people in Pearland to travel within and outside of Texas.


Pearland is located about 17 miles south of Houston. It is within the northern part of Brazoria County, which is considered southeastern Texas. Northern portion of the city is in Harris County, while the western portion of it is in Fort Bend County. To the north of Pearland is Brookside Village. Six miles to the east is the city of Friendswood, and 11 miles to the south is Manvel.

To the west of Fresno, which is an unincorporated community within Fort Bend County. The surrounding neighborhoods and communities near Pearland include Almeda, Iowa Colony, Arcola, Central Southwest, and Southeast Houston.


You can learn so much about the history of Pearland and participate in cultural art programs. The residents are interested in art appreciation as there are different fine arts programs as well as venues where you can listen to captivating symphonies and theatrical plays. People who live in Pearland are not unfamiliar with outdoor recreation and sports.

In fact, they love it! There are opportunities for people to watch and even participate in sports such as football, softball, and different little league games. Also, Pearland is not too far from some of the major sports teams in the Houston area.


Pearland has a wide range of schools available for students that need primary and secondary education. For families who live in the city and want their students to attend a public school, they mainly attend schools within the Pearland Independent School District, Alvin Independent School District, or Fort Bend Independent School Districts. These districts have many schools of different grade levels. Pearland ISD is the primary school district within the Pearland area.

Teacher and other staff members strive to prepare the students for achieving academic and personal goals and encourage them to perform at their best. Each school has both enrichment clubs and electives. Also, Pearland has other school options. Sometimes parents want to step away from the public school system and enroll their students in private schools. There are plenty of them in the city. Many families choose private schooling because they believe their students will excel more at a private institution.


The Pearland area has many single-family homes on the market. It has townhomes and apartments as well as some new construction of homes. The city filled with predominately more single-family homes than any other residential place. These homes can have as many as seven bedrooms and six bathrooms and be up to three-stories high. Most of the homes in Pearland are traditional style with some European-inspired architecture. Pearland has quite a few luxury estates and mansions available in the city.

Along with single-family homes, Pearland has some traditional and contemporary-style apartments with as many as three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This area also has a few townhomes for buying and for rent. They have the traditional style but have contemporary interiors and upgraded appliances. Pearland does not have any high rise or mid rise condominiums as this city is more suburban than urban. More single families live in this area.

Single-Family Homes
In the Pearland area, there are beautiful traditional-style single-family homes. The luxury estates have more rooms and bathrooms than the regular homes. The regular homes can have some favorable features such as a fireplace, two-car garage, sprinkler system, master bedroom with a private bathroom, a walk-in closet, and much more. Families living in these homes enjoy the comfortability of living in a quality home. Some homes even have a backyard pool and a fire pit, which is great for hosting outdoor parties and social gatherings during the warm months. Also, some have open floor plans, which leaves room for customization.
If you do not want to live in a single-family home, Pearland has classy apartment complexes that have some of the most top-of-the-line amenities and features. There are apartments available from one to three bedrooms. They provide luxury living in tranquil suburbia. Reserve at Tranquility Lake has sophisticated amenities such as a business center, personal balcony, fitness center, washer and dryer unit, and a playground for your children. St. Andrews is an elegant apartment complex that is in the suburban Pearland area. This complex has building amenities including a game room, swimming pool, picnic area, fitness center, and an outdoor barbecue station.
While there are only a handful of townhomes in Pearland, the ones that are affordable and available. They are great for individuals and smaller families. These townhomes can have a maximum of two bedrooms and three bathrooms. Some are within gated communities. Many of them are quaint and perfect for peaceful living. Townhomes in the Pearland area have great floor plans, central air, community pools, clubhouses, tennis courts, and backyards that face the waterfront or the golf courses. There are some that have hardwood and carpet flooring, multiple-car garage, and stainless steel appliances. Most of them are made of sturdy brick.
New Construction
There are a number of newly-constructed houses in Pearland. While some are keeping a traditional style, others are being build with the new traditional style with the mix of classic and contemporary architecture. Convenience meets luxury as these homes are build near state-of-the-art community amenities and restaurants. Some features of these homes can include silestone countertops, stainless steel appliances and cabinet hardware, and even extended patio space. Families who choose to live in these homes will experience elegance at its finest. They will be able to enjoy higher ceilings, taller cabinets, dual sink vanities, and master suites with a balcony.

Pearland has any different residential buildings on the market although the majority of them are homes for single families. Single families are moving to Pearland because families who want to raise their children in a positive and sophisticated environment are welcome. Families can move to this city and find their dream homes. More expensive estates can cost as high as $1.2 million.

Many of these are close to community country clubs or near the waterfront. People love to be able to view the water or have a scenic view of the woods from their windows. It adds a tranquil ambiance to the homes. These homes are newly built, larger in size, and have countless favorable amenities and features. Single-family homes in this city can be priced as low as $160,000. Spacious living areas, oak cabinets, and granite countertops are a few of the amenities and features of these affordable homes in Pearland.


This thriving city has so many fun places to see and things to do. Pearland has food, fun, fashion, art, and culture all in one. Visitors and residents will always find something to do in this booming city. If you love to shop for the latest accessories and clothing, Pearland Town Center has some of the best name brand stores. People who come across the Sri Meenakshi Temple will be speechless looking at the aesthetic architecture.

Pearland also has some great restaurants such as Thai Spice and King’s Biergarten & Restaurant. If you ever get a sweet tooth, Chop Ice Cream will not disappoint. For learning more about Pearland’s at and culture scene, go to Pearland Alliance for Art and Culture and Pearland Art League. The city is full of active people who walk or play recreational sports in one of its many parks. It has some lively nightlife spots too.