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La Shaun Fontenot


La Shaun Fontenot is a highly sought after real estate professional! With over 20 years of residential and luxury home experience, La Shaun's wealth of knowledge attracts experience clients seeking her expertise! As a successful real estate entrepreneur, La Shaun has successfully weathered twenty years worth of real estate crises. She fully understands the market trends and uses her experience to help her clients while navigating today's real estate terrain.

La Shaun is a graduate of Sam Houston State University, where she received a Bachelor's of Science (Business). Her impressive resume includes working with luxury builders, real estate developers, and investors. With her wealth of knowledge, comes a vast database of vendors and area contractors she utilizes to assist her clients' needs. Today, La Shaun Otems is paving a bright and new path for today's savvy real estate client. She has established connections in the real estate industry with the best and the brightest professionals who collectively represent experience of 40 plus years of real estate, banking, financial accounting, and marketing expertise. Hailing from Galveston, Texas, La Shaun enjoys spending time with her loving family in Manvel, Texas. La Shaun Otems is the right choice for your real estate needs!.

La Shaun Fontenot





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