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Nicole Jackson


The buying or selling a home is an emotional decision that requires a strategic approach in order to achieve the best result. This is where Nicole Jackson comes in. Driven by her passion for real estate and a great desire to help others achieve their goals, she strives daily to help buyers in possession of a perfect home where they can make special memories. Extending the same energy to sellers, she assists them in getting the best value from their property. As a reliable agent, she makes the process of uncovering homes fun, adventurous, and easy. Nicole grew up in Los Angeles but has lived in Hawaii, Louisiana, and Wyoming. Having relocated several times, she understands what it feels like to be in her client’s shoes. Therefore, she will go the extra mile to ensure that her clients achieve their goals.

With years of experience in sales, customer service, and as a paralegal, Nicole is equipped with communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills that are contributing to her growth as a realtor. She is a patient and compassionate agent who understands her client’s needs in detail, visualizes them, and finally turns their vision into reality. With a vast knowledge of the market trends, Nicole gives honest counsel to help clients make informed decisions. She values building long-lasting business relationships by exceeding clients’ expectations.

Out of real estate, Nicole loves cooking, traveling, and painting. She brings the same creativity into real estate with the aim to assist others in gaining financial freedom through homeownership.

Nicole Jackson





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