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Pamela Kimmons


Pam Kimmons was born and raised in Houston. She is the oldest of six children and has a loving appreciation of her tight knit family. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t communicate with one of her beloved siblings. Pam has 3 children, two girls and a boy, who are the absolute joy of her life.

Pam attended schools in Spring Branch and then pursued a degree from Texas State University in San Marcos. Always a hard worker with lots of energy, she helped finance her education driving the glass bottom boats at the once famous, Aquarena Springs. As the first female glass bottom boat driver, she conducted tours of the beautiful waters flowing from Edwards Aquifer. Pam went on to teach middle school in Corpus Christi and Houston. She then took a job as a flight attendant, traveling and seeing the world.

Pam has always loved decorating and has a knack for renovating homes and beautifying gardens. She is a natural in the world of real estate as she knows how to direct her clients when they are preparing to list their houses for sale. She knows what appeals to most buyers and can creatively find solutions within her clients’ budgets to freshen and modernize a property.

When working with buyers, she uses her knowledge to expertly advise her clients in evaluating a property’s capabilities. She will assist by honestly conveying potential red flags, as well as advising clients when further information would be helpful.

As a personal victim of the reservoir release after Hurricane Harvey, Pam has become well-versed with regard to flooded houses. She rebuilt her own home after it was inundated with 3 feet of water that stood in her house for 3 weeks. She knows what it is like to lose almost everything and the process of putting her home and life back together. This experience has broadened her knowledge of what comes with a flooded house. Always one to turn trials and challenges into learning experiences, she now knows what a buyer thinking about purchasing a flooded house should consider. At the same time, she can assist a seller with guidance in making sure their home will be marketable and safe.

Pam is a respected professional! She has taken the extra step to attain her real estate broker’s license and also carries certifications as an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) and a Certified Home Marketing Specialist (CHMS). She is in constant motion, always communicating right away with her clients, no matter how big or small the transaction. She loves her job and her clients are always her top priority. Pam knows what matters, cares about people and is always calm and levelheaded which has contributed to her being an expert negotiator and top producer.

Pamela Kimmons





  • ALHS — Accredited Luxury Home Specialist

  • CLHMS — Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™

  • Broker Associate — Broker Associate

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