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Sayde "Sadie" Harb


Sadie appreciates all of the culture and vibrancy that Houston has to offer. Having worked in the financial industry, Sadie has been trained to continuously apply a highly disciplined approach to her work. As a result, she is highly respected and regarded amongst her clients and peers which is evident by her business being solely referral based. " I chose this profession because I truly enjoy helping people, especially people who are moving to Houston for the first time. Having lived in other countries through my career, I have a personal insight into the needs of people relocating from other countries or Cities. I know that the whole process of buying a home and establishing oneself in a new country is an overwhelming process, so I take care of all the details to make the transition as smooth as possible ".

One of Sadie's key strengths lies in her ability to uncover opportunities and unlock value for clients. With a background at the intersection of Finance, Technology, and real estate. Sadie brings a unique perspective to help clients expand their understanding of what real estate can be; incorporating it into a broader strategic planning exercise around lifestyle and wealth generation. With her guidance, you'll be able to walk the path from where you are to where you want to be, confident in your real estate decisions.

Sadie is a lifelong learner, she holds a Masters degree with a focus on International Business and Finance. Her background and cultural experience further enrich her ability to cater to your unique needs. Her commitment to growth and excellence translates into an unwavering dedication to your real estate journey.

Sayde "Sadie" Harb


Arabic, English, French



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