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Sharon Murillo


Originally from Honduras, Sharon graduated from High School in 2007 with an excellent final academic score which allowed her to be educated at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Medicine with honors in 2016, being one of the top 20 physicians of more than 350 graduates.

Sharon considers herself extremely blessed to have won permanent residency status through a government lottery and moved to the United States in 2017. Being the daughter of parents with a strong professional background, she learned from her mother the English language and from her father the entrepreneurial passion which allowed her to strengthen her financial skills.

In the process of fitting into a new society, Sharon understands that the Real Estate industry is one of the fundamental pillars of the US economy, therefore she obtained her real estate license to serve her clients and guide them through one of the biggest investments of their lives.

Under one of the principles that she learned in medical school and that applies to any discipline that provides a service Primum non nocere, which means first do no harm, her goal is to conduct herself with honesty and integrity to honor the autonomy of her clients. Her enthusiastic, can-do attitude and caring nature is ideal for identifying each client's desires and skillfully guiding them to fulfill their real estate goals. Sharon carries the values of hard work, competence and outstanding client service into

everything she does.

Sharon enjoys spending time with her beloved husband, loves to sing, she likes to explore new recipes while cooking and keeps herself up to date with all the new interior decoration trends.

Sharon Murillo


English, Spanish



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