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Rachael Chambers


An outstanding professional Realtor, Rachael’s top priority is to meet the needs and goals of her clients. She brings her extensive market knowledge and sharp negotiation skills to assist people in their home buying or selling endeavors. Rachael boasts several awards under her belt, including: Gold Award Triple Diamond Award Outstanding Customer Service Culture Champion Ultimate Contributor Rachael has worked as a personal fitness trainer and director for 20 years before deciding to go full-time in real estate. She also worked in sales for big technology companies. These experiences helped her gain the necessary tools as Realtor, including excellent negotiation and communication skills. She is always forthcoming and hands-on with her approach, assuring clients that she is always by their side throughout the process. Her personal experiences in selling homes, building a house, and renting places made her more empathetic with her clients. Rachael asks for their input and shares her expert advice to achieve the best outcome in every transaction, whether they’re selling or looking to buy or rent a new home. She promptly answers their questions and assists with any confusing paperwork. This attitude earns the client’s trust, fostering long-term relationships with them. In her spare time, Rachael loves to run, bike, and work out. She can give clients great insights into some of the top sports and fitness areas throughout Houston. Clients can rely on Rachael’s hard work, authenticity, and passion for her craft to help them find their dream home or next real estate investment.

Rachael Chambers





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