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Spencer Gerondale


Spencer is an award-winning Houston Realtor with a deep-rooted understanding of Houston’s real estate market, a keen eye for detail, and excellent communication skills. He strives to meet his clients’ needs and goals for their homes.

Spencer’s recent awards include:

– Gold Award

– Triple Diamond Award

– Outstanding Customer Service

– Culture Champion

– Ultimate Contributor

A Houston native, Spencer is well-versed in the area’s communities and neighborhoods. He also has insider knowledge of homes and buildings that are still in the early stage of development. His clients get to have a huge advantage in finding the best home that fits their needs and goals.

Spencer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science at Stephen F. Austin State University. Before joining real estate, he worked as a manager, warehouse director, and teacher. These experiences honed his organizational and interpersonal skills, which helps him masterfully guide clients in real estate. He always comes prepared in every transaction and relays information clearly so that clients can make informed decisions. He is adept in handling paperwork and patient in answering any concerns regarding the real estate process.

Spencer’s passion for helping clients is evident through his transparent and honest approach to real estate. With this commitment to providing outstanding client support, he creates lasting relationships with his clients.

In his free time, Spencer likes to go fishing, camping, hiking, and canoeing. A lover of the great wilderness, he can offer clients great insights into some of the best spots for outdoor recreations throughout Houston.

Spencer Gerondale





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